"Weave - O - Matic" Weave Poles


  Materials Needed:

Three 10 foot long 3/4" S40 PVC pipes or six 5 foot long 3/4" S40 PVC pipes.
    (Lowe's sells these 5 foot pipes on aisle 42L.)

The 10 foot pipes are generally not exactly 10 feet long.  Many of them are shorter than 10 feet.  Do not cut them in half.  Instead, make sure you cut at 60" from one end.  Before you purchase the 5 foot pipes, measure them to make sure you get at least three pipes that are 60" long.

  Eight 3-way "T" connectors for 3/4" PVC pipes.  
  Two 4-way connectors for 3/4" PVC pipes.  
  Fourteen caps for 3/4" PVC pipes.  

   Label of pipe
 in above figure
Length of pipe How many
  A 9 1/4" * 4  
  B 8" 10  
  C 20" 3  
  D 22" 6  
  * After you insert two A pipes into a 4-way connector, the total length of the resulting connected pipe should be approximately 20" -- the length of a C pipe.  Then the D pipe weave poles will be about the same distance apart.
  Suggested cuts for the three 60" pipes:  

Suggested cuts for the other three pipes: