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Canine Good Citizen

The American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test is given to both purebred and mixed breed dogs.  To pass this test, a dog must be mannerly and well-behaved, and demonstrate confidence and control.

The CGC Test includes the following ten exercises.

Click on the underlined items below to access videos of the exercises.

  1. Accepting a Friendly Stranger

  2. Sitting Politely for Petting

  3. Appearance and Grooming

  4. Out for a Walk (Walking on a Loose Lead)

  5. Walking through a Crowd

  6. Sit and Down on Command / Staying in Place

  7. Coming When Called

  8. Reaction to Another Dog

  9. Reactions to Distractions

  10. Supervised Separation

The  American Kennel Club has more information about the CGC Test

is available on the following days and locations:

Date:     December 3, 2017
Where:  Newtown Neighborhood Park
Time:     8:30 am. to 11:30 am.
Cost:     $5  (all proceeds to be donated to the Hawaiian Humane Society)

For details about the administration of these tests, contact Art or Betty Fujinaka.


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